Is This A Revolution In Skincare Technology?

It is never too early to begin an anti-aging skincare regimen; each moment of sun exposure and each passing minute potentially wreaks havoc on your skin. As the body ages, its processes slow down, resulting in the development of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and loose muscle tone. Although there are many systems to combat these signs, sonic infusion systems are unique, as they combine two types of technology for a revolutionary skincare routine.

What Is Sonic Infusion?

SI combines the use of a serum developed for anti-aging and sonic micro-massage technology. This pairing results in deep penetration of product, rejuvenating cells and spurring collagen production. SI requires the use of both a compatible serum and a sonic massage wand, to be used simultaneously. Clinical trials demonstrate the procedures efficacy, demonstrating a noticeable different in skin after only 30 minutes of treatment.

Sonic Infusion Systems

Clarisonic Opal

Clarisonic’s sonic infusion device, the Opal, is designed specifically with the sensitive eye area in mind, but may also be used on the forehead, lips, and brows. The unit comes equipped with the serum, two applicator heads, and a charger, providing customers with everything required for a sonic facial. Opal claims to provide firmer skin within 4 weeks of consistent use—after 8 weeks, results are expected to peak, giving customers firmer, refreshed, and brighter eyes.  Although its primary purpose is to lift and firm these areas, it serves the dual purpose of hydrating skin, providing an all-over facial experience.

Most users are men and women over the age of forty. Of these users, most saw a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin—particularly around eyes. Many users also saw changes in the skin around the lips and on the forehead, with a lessening of lines and skin sagging. Users do caution that the device is intended to tighten skin—this means that although most saw a large change in the appearance of puffy, sagging eyes, few saw a reduction in under-eye darkness. Of those with dark circles, however, most considered the reduction in swelling worth the regimen.

While users were largely impressed, a select few were displeased with the Opal. Most unhappy users discovered that their chargers failed after three months of use, and were not covered by the warranty after this time frame. The low number of complaints would suggest, however, that these machines are defective, rather than an accurate example of the product’s overall quality.

The Sonic Eraser

The Eraser comes in at less than 1/3 of the price of the Opal, though it is also smaller in stature. While the Opal is a larger handheld system, the Eraser is far smaller, clocking in at a height and width similar to a pen or small kitchen utensil. Due to its small size, the Eraser is best for use around the eyes, and combines several different types of technology to not only tighten skin, but also to reduce the appearance of dark circles. The pen may be used with or without a serum, but does assist in allowing creams to penetrate more deeply and effectively on applied areas. Also unlike the Opal, the Eraser requires a single AAA battery rather than a cord or integrated rechargeable battery.

Positive reviews were almost unanimous. User ages ranged more widely than with the Opal, with some users as young as their early twenties. Users were most impressed by the power contained within such a small machine, as most saw results quickly—within a matter of weeks. The perks of using this product included deeper penetration of products, firmer and lighter under-eye skin, firmer skin around the whole eye, and a softer texture. Many users found the device so easy to use, treatment was completed while surfing the internet or watching TV.

The only real complaint for the Eraser is its heat-up time. Some users found that the product took several minutes to heat to its maximum capacity, requiring an overall treatment time of closer to 5 minutes, rather than the 2 minutes suggested by the company.

Swiss Ultimate Wand

The Swiss Ultimate sonic infusion system is the cheapest option of the three, coming in at under $20. Like the Eraser, it is a smaller tool, truly earning the name “wand.” Like the Opal, it is intended for use around the eyes, lips, and forehead. The wand is intended to treat puffiness and sagging, as well as dark discoloration, making it something of a combination of the Opal and Eraser. With a single AAA battery needed for use, a 100% guarantee, and an FDA clearance, this wand is an excellent starting point for men and women interested in Sonic Infusion technology.

The majority of users were pleased with their purchase. The most common source of satisfaction is the calming reaction to the wand, as well as its effectiveness in allowing anti-aging products to penetrate skin more deeply. The device’s vibration is strong, according to most, but pleasant, and the packaging was widely praised, as it is clean and elegant in appearance. Users were also happy with its size, as it is easy to store and use.

Although complaints were not common, some customers were frustrated to find that they had received defective products. Unlike many other companies, however, these customers were typically able to return their problematic devices without issue, either receiving a replacement or refund.

Which Device Is the Best?

This will depend largely on individual needs. Evaluate

  • Budget
  • Included Pieces
  • Time
  • Needs

when trying to reach a decision, as each is different in these areas. The Clarisonic Opal sonic infusion machine is the most expensive, but comes with several extra items, including an infuse serum. The Swiss Ultimate is the cheapest, but is not as effective as the Eraser in removing under eye discoloration. The Eraser receives consistently superlative reviews, but does take some time to warm up, and may not be the best choice for someone seeking a quick addition to their daily routine. Each machine has its high and low points, but the Opal is best suited to someone with a larger budget and greater need for wrinkle and puffiness reduction, while the two smaller wands are better for a smaller budget and more concentrated needs.

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