Is This An Effective Acne Killer?

LED Light Therapy is making large strides as a treatment for acne. Piggybacking on research published by NASA, proponents of this treatment assert that certain types of light aid in tissue regeneration and boost cell strength and efficacy. This is particularly useful in acne treatment, as this therapy offers a virtually pain-free, intensive acne treatment.  Light therapy allows clients to engage in a thorough therapy without the hassle of expensive creams, lotions, and potentially caustic ingredients.

How Does Light Therapy Work?

LED light therapy, like any sort of energy-based therapy, serves to stimulate the body’s natural processes, resulting in healing and a reduction in inflammation. The type of light used is able to either stimulate collagen production or increase tissue growth, resulting in a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and lessening the appearance and development of acne and other skin conditions and infections. This type of treatment can also be used to lessen the symptoms of rosacea, and eradicate enlarged pores.

What Does a Typical Treatment Look Like?

Like most skincare treatments, the first step is to undergo an evaluation. This will help determine problem areas and the most pressing issues needing to be addressed. From there, a session will be undertaken. This will usually consist of lying back in a chair, and having a lighted wand pass over your skin for 20-30 minutes. At-home treatments are similar, though at-home devices are typically not as powerful.

At Home Treatment Options

There are many machines on the market for at-home therapy. Three of the most popular devices have been identified and evaluated below.


Ivation’s contribution to the industry functions as something of an all-in-one machine, as it comes equipped with three treatment heads—each intended to treat the skin for a different malady. A handheld machine, it is easily transportable and has an easy-to-use surface that makes both treatment and switching heads a simple task.

The three included heads are:

  • Green – Used to treat hyperpigmentation and sun spots
  • Blue – Used to treat acne and inflammation
  • Red – Used to treat wrinkles and signs of aging

This jack of all trades machine is an excellent introduction to the world of light therapy.

Customer reviews are largely positive, with most users seeing improved appearance and texture to skin in 8-12 weeks. Most customers used all three types of treatment in a daily regimen for at least 8 weeks to see drastic changes, and most reported satisfaction with the reduction in acne, wrinkles, and sun spots.

While most users had a positive experience with Ivation’s product, some were not so fortunate. These few customers encountered a seeming lack of change in the appearance of skin with consistent use, resulting in a sub-par recommendation. It should be noted, however, that this particular device requires a time commitment of at least 20 minutes per day for treatment—failing to use the device as suggested may result in a lack of discernible results.


Norlanya’s treatment wand is a multifaceted device, offering both pulsing and LED therapy to stimulate healing. Rather than using three distinct heads, this unit possesses a single head with buttons to change the type of light delivered, minimizing the risk of losing certain treatment heads, or accidentally leaving the needed head behind in the event of travel. In addition to the standard package contents of a unit, power cord, and manual, Norlanya’s machine comes with a pair of goggles for use around the eyes, a rubber gasket, and a gift box. Usage recommendations encourage customers to use the unit 2-3 times per week for best results.

Customers typically express satisfaction with Norlanya’s machine. The machine is most commonly used as a wrinkle and anti-aging treatment, though most users see a reduction in sun spots and acne as well. Users are particularly pleased with the ease of use due to the simple press of a button to switch between treatment lights rather than different heads, as it makes for more easily portable LED therapy device, and report the device’s vibrations as pleasant and effective in stimulating circulation. Customers did note the poor quality of the manual, but most were able to discern the general meaning or were able to locate tutorials online.

Although most customers were pleased with their purchase, a handful experienced disappointment when using this product, due primarily to receiving a defective product. Fortunately, most users were able to return the device for a full refund without difficulty.


Sirius‘ model is similar to Ivation’s, in that it comes with different heads–red, green, and blue, as well as an additional head for galvanic treatment. This is a beneficial treatment, providing additional firming and smoothing. Sirius considers this treatment an excellent complement to the rest of the LED light therapy team. 

The vast majority of users are pleased with their purchase, citing Sirius‘ machine as the catalyst for drastic skin improvement. Most saw this improvement in as little as two uses, with most seeing dramatic changes in 4-6 weeks. Users vary widely in terms of age, background, and purpose–some users even reported sharing the same device between family members in need of different types of skincare assistance (though it should be noted that this is not recommended by the manufacturer). Although the regimen does require something of a time investment, most considered the time needed to treat well worth it.

While most users were happy, a group of users received defective products. Unfortunately, a large portion of those with problematic units experienced great difficulty contacting the company, and most were unable to receive a replacement part or refund.


Norlanya‘s device seems to offer the greatest benefit: unlike the other two, Norlanya‘s unit does not require multiple heads or a procedure more complicated than the push of a button. Norlanya customers are largely satisfied with both the product itself and the results it produces, making it an ideal introductory piece to men and women seeking entrance to LED light therapy. Additionally, Norlanya‘s device is budget-friendly, coming in at under $60–a price point vastly separated from costly professional treatments.

If a unit with multiple heads is what you seek, however, Sirius has a solid product. In addition to the three light heads, Sirius provides an attachment for galvanic treatment, and typically receives higher reviews than Ivation. Sirius‘ product also comes in at a much lower price point, providing another budget-friendly purchasing option.

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