A Review Of The Top Devices

Hundreds of at-home and in-clinic devices exist to deliver premium, nourishing facials. Ranging from basic models that use foam brushes, to more advanced models requiring premium ingredients and implements, facials are a serious business. One type of facial that has been around for years is the high-frequency facial. While it may sound complicated, or even alarming, this type of facial uses currents to warm the skin, thereby increasing blood flow and allowing deeper product penetration.

High Frequency Versus Other Facial Types

Why are high frequency facial wands a cut above the rest? In short, high frequency facials are excellent because they are versatile. They can be used to stimulate cell renewal and circulation, resulting in the elimination of toxins and delivering a brighter, more radiant complexion, and they can also be used to fully implement a product routine, as these currents allow products to delve deep into the skin rather than just sitting on top.

Due to their versatility, high frequency skin care routines are arguably the most popular type of facial, and can be found virtually everywhere, from dermatologist offices to personal bathroom counters.

Available Portable Devices

New Spa

New Spa’s high frequency portable facial device is equipped with argon electrodes, which demonstrate power by emitting a violet light. Unlike many portable or at-home devices, New Spa’s contribution to the beauty arena is a professional-grade machine, delivering high-quality, spa-like results anywhere. The portable high frequency machine is the jack of all trades, as it not only stimulates circulation, but also dries out skin (and correspondingly dries out acne and other unwanted blemishes), and provides a germicidal effect. This means that the device can be used both to improve skin at a deep level, while cleaning the surface.

The vast majority of customers express satisfaction with this device. Users are impressed by the number of wands that come with the device, allowing users to utilize the device for purposes as varied as spot treatments, and brushing through hair. Many users appreciated such wide usage possibilities, as this can treat skin troubles as well as provide scalp treatments. With regular use, most customers saw a marked decrease in the appearance of acne and large pores within 3-4 uses—some spread over several weeks, others completed in consecutive days. Although some customers reported having some difficulty reading the directions, once directions have been deciphered, the device is easy to use.

Although reviews were primarily positive, a handful of users were displeased with the product’s performance, most citing the arrival of broken equipment as the culprit for their frustration. In addition to receiving defective devices, some customers experienced difficulty contacting the company for a refund or replacement parts.

Lift Wand

Lift Wand’s device is considered a salon-grade machine, and is unique, in that it comes with argan oil to be used as a softener and skin treatment ahead of using the wand. This particular model has been revised, and is said to offer greater treatment strengths in less time, providing users with a high-quality treatment without the corresponding time commitment. Like the device mentioned above, Lift Wands machine is designed to increase circulation and “open” skin to make the absorption of product easier. This design, combined with argan oil, promises a more youthful, more radiant visage.

A large portion of Lift Wand’s customers expressed extreme satisfaction with product performance. The most common reason for this satisfaction was the rapidity with which a difference in lines and wrinkles occurred. Most users saw a difference within only two to three weeks of regular use (2-4 times per week). Other users were pleased with the ease of use—especially when installing different wand tips. In addition to being equipped with multiple wand heads, the device has different intensity settings, allowing customers to customize their experience based on level of need, and response to pain.

Some customers were less than thrilled with Lift Wand. The most common complain was in regard to the electrical wiring of the device; rather than offering a three-pronged plug as most high-powered devices do, this unit is equipped with a standard two-prong plug. Due to the intense nature of the device, some customers expressed concerns about the safety of the product and returned it without delay.

Jellen Portable

Jellen’s portable device bears a salon-grade rating, and is recommended for use primarily by experienced home users. This is due, in large part, to the use of glass in the model’s delivery, as the glass is quite fragile and may become fractured easily when handled improperly. The unit contains three different heads, and is designed for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. It does possess a three-pronged plug, eliminating the safety concerns brought up by Lift Wand customers. It comes with a padded carrying case, making it an excellent portable model.

Most Jellen users are extremely pleased with the product, and the company itself. Many described the customer service team superlative, and were pleased to find that questions and concerns were responded to promptly. Many men and women use this device in the place of plastic surgery and other more invasive procedures and see similar results. Typically, with frequent and consistent use, customers reported seeing a visible difference in the appearance of sagging, large pores, and fine lines, resulting in more youthful skin. Although customers warn not to expect an overnight miracle, most would recommend this product to a friend.

Some customers were off-put by the price. It comes in at $50-$100 more than the devices listed above, and therefore was not the most budget-friendly option available. Still others were expecting a more comprehensive unit with more treatment options, and did not feel that only three wands were worth the list price.

Which Is Best?

Although all devices have numerous pleased customers, New Spa’s model seems to be a cut above the rest. This is due to:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Number of Positive ReviewsAlthough the Lift Wand is competitively priced, it does not rate as high in performance and company values, nor does it possess as many positive reviews. While Jellen does possess high reviews and delivers results in a decent time frame, it is far more expensive, and does not provide as much “bang for your buck.”

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