Want To Solve Your Hair Woes At Home?

Hair removal methods run the gamut, from the ever-popular shaving, to the slightly-less-popular (but still oft-used) waxing. Rounding out the possibilities are epilators, laser hair removal systems, and light therapy treatment sessions. Although it was once relegated primarily to women, hair removal has grown in popularity and is common even among men nowadays, whether it is chest, back, or intimate hair removal. To facilitate hair removal, three products have been created with ease and comfort in mind.

Silk’n Flash & Go

Silk’n is a name well-known in the beauty industry, making it no surprise that the company has delved into hair removal. The Flash & Go is a light removal system, using a small window of light to “zap” the follicle, resulting in at-home permanent removal. The treatment window is quite small, making the machine ideal for smaller areas, such as the face, underarms, and bikini line. This system is an excellent beginner’s foray into light removal, and at-home reduction.

The Flash & Go has a cartridge equipped with 500 flashes. Cartridges may be replaced after the 500 flashes have been used, and offers a simple, straightforward method for doing so. While the treatment window is small, this makes it ideal for completing smaller, targeted areas, and is better for the underarms and bikini line than larger, more wide-spread treatment windows. Like most removal devices, the Flash & Go is intended for use only on light skin, coarse hair, and dark hair, and may result in burning or failure to work if used on dark skin, light hair, or fine hair. The device comes equipped with a cord to eliminate the risk of low battery life, and the hazard of having a session interrupted.

70% of users are pleased with Silk’n’s product, citing its speed, durability, and effectiveness as their reasons for contentment. Users ranged widely in age and background, but all pleased customers were within the ideal candidate range, with dark, coarse hair and light skin. Although drastic results took many users at least 2 months to see, most were unable to deny that the product does work.

While most users were pleased, some expressed disappointment in the machine, mostly as a result of ineffective removal. While it was extremely uncommon, some users found that use resulted in burns or other types of discomfort, though these were usually associated with improper use.

Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz

Remington’s offering is a slight deviation from Silk’n, both in terms of delivery and budget. The Remington is a slightly higher-priced machine, coming in at $350 rather than the Silk’n machine’s $200 price point. Along with that higher price point comes more features: rather than 500 flashes, the iLight comes equipped with 30,000 flashes. It is a corded device, eliminating the danger of running out of battery life in the midst of a session. The treatment window is slightly larger, though it is not large enough to make covering an area such as the legs or full back an easy task.

The manufacturer promises results within 6 weeks, or 3 treatments. Although results will not be conclusive by this time, they will be significant enough to notice. The ideal candidate has a light-to-medium skin tone with dark, coarse hair. Other skin and hair types may experience difficulty using the machine, or may even experience some injury or pain. Different colors are available, making this machine a little bit more customizable than many of its competitors.

The most common comment from satisfied customers is, “It works! With a little bit of time.” With time and consistency, most users see a drastic change in new growth, leading to permanent hair loss (provided that treatment continues). Users found the inclusion of a detailed instruction booklet and DVDs immensely helpful, and found the machine effective and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for someone unfamiliar with the procedure.

Poor product reviews say only one thing: the machine did not work for them. Some users, despite fitting into the ideal candidate guidelines, found that the device failed to truly impact growth patterns, and gave up on the treatment after several months of use.

BellaLite Hair Removal

BellaLite, a Silk’n company, has a “professional” hair removal device that falls below the budget of the other two models at $180, at its best price. This system comes equipped with a single 750-pulse cartridge, and comes with an additional two cartridges, as well as a dock, cord, and DVD instruction guide. As with the two preceding models, this removal device requires that users have light skin and brown or black hair, or they run the risk of injury or failure.

BellaLite’s model is unique and commended for its large treatment window; reportedly, a leg treatment can be completed in as little as 30 minutes—a time frame light years ahead of most of its competitors. This makes it an excellent machine for individuals who are seeking treatment on a large scale, rather than a small, nuanced area.

Well over half of all customers expressed satisfaction with their machine. With consistent use, customers found that their hair growth was severely diminished in as little as three uses, and continued to diminish rapidly the longer the device is in use. Though they do warn that the machine requires some patience to complete a treatment, most find the end result well worth the effort.

Although most reviews are positive, some users did experience difficulty with the machine, including a small handful whose machines were defective and ultimately short-circuited. Although no customers report serious injury, the fright experienced after the spark and/or shock was enough to prompt some users to seek elsewhere for their removal needs.

Which Is Best?

Each of the machines has something to offer, and will appeal to different needs and budgets. First up:

  • The Flash & Go. This model is the middle range of the three, coming in at around $200. It has the fewest flashes of any of the three machines, but has received positive reviews and is ideal for treating smaller areas such as the bikini line, face, and underarms. This model is ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly, small-scale product.
  • iLight Pro. This model is the most expensive of the three, but contains a cartridge with 30,000 flashes. This alone makes this machine a good choice for anyone able to spend the extra money (about $150 more than the Flash & Go). It is best used on smaller areas and, due to the high number of included flashes, is likely best suited to those with extensive removal needs.
  • The BellaLite. This model has the largest treatment window, and is the cheapest of the three. This makes it the best choice for the budget-minded, as well as those seeking treatment for large areas such as the legs, arms, and back.

If you are serious about DIY laser products for removing unwanted hair at home, the machines reviewed above should be seriously considered.

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