The Three Best Facial Steamers on a Budget

A day at the spa is perhaps one of the best methods of relaxing and letting go of worry or tension. Sadly, many men and women are unable to afford many spa’s high prices, or are simply too far from a spa to indulge on a regular basis. For these men and women, there are numerous devices intended to deliver an at-home spa experience. Among these devices are at-home facial steamers. Facial steamers deliver the relaxing experience of a facial, without the overwhelming price tag and hassle of travel.

At-Home Facial Steamers—What Are the Perks?

Purchasing an at-home facial steamers may not immediately seem like a must-have—after all, doesn’t hot water do the same thing? Devices intended primarily for the purpose of face steaming have significant advantages over simply placing your face over a bowl of steaming water; most possess varying heat levels, a structure designed to envelope the face (thus directing all of the steam at your face), and an easy-to-operate base.

Revlon Facial Sauna

Revlon’s facial sauna is designed with both a full-facial in mind, as well as a mini facial; the device comes with a cone for the face, as well as a smaller cone to spot-target the nose, for either rejuvenation from acne, or rejuvenation from illness. It comes equipped with a measuring cup and wall plug, making it ideal for simple, single-bathroom endeavors. With a price point less than $25, Revlon’s contribution is straightforward and inexpensive, making it a perfect choice for the novice at-home spa user.

Customers largely expressed satisfaction with the Revlon sauna, praising it for its face-tailored shape and warmth; most users saw several changes in skin with consistent use (typically after 4 weeks), including reduction in acne, reduction in pore size, and overall clearer, less oily skin. Customers range across the board regarding the purpose of purchase; some purchased for the beauty aspect of the product, while others purchased for relief from colds and sinus problems. Whatever the purpose in buying, most users expressed contentment with the product’s performance.

Although reviews are generally positive, some men and women were not entirely pleased with Revlon’s product. The most common complaint was regarding defective products. Some customers were unable to use their facial sauna after purchasing due to a defective on/off switch or power cord. Most were able to return the product without difficulty, however, with some exchanging and receiving a working model.

Conair Facial Sauna with Timer

Conair’s contribution to the industry is similar in construction to Revlon’s, but differs slightly in price (a difference of less than $5), and includes both a facial brush and a nose attachment. The brush comes with a sponge and brush attachment, one intended to cleaning, and the other used for in-depth moisturizer application. Conair also provides customers with a limited 1 year warranty, making it a good purchase for individuals with a “black thumb” in regard to electronics. The unit is also equipped with a safety measure, shutting off automatically after 45 minutes to prevent danger or injury.

Over 80% of customers were pleased with this product, including people using it for a beauty treatment and individuals using it for the purpose of relieving sinus pain and discomfort. Even individuals using the device for sinus relief, however, saw an improvement in pore size and clarity. Although most users said the steam takes several minutes to appear, most were surprised and happy with the amount of steam the machine produces, citing it as equal to or greater than an actual treatment at a spa.

20% of customers gave this product two stars or less. The most common source of dissatisfaction came from the size of the facial attachment; some men and women found that the attachment was not large enough to cover all of the face at one time, necessitating a session for the upper face, followed by a session for the lower face. While this may not be a problem for some, it does bear acknowledging that some face shapes may need to take this approach.

Secura Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Secura’s facial steamer is designed with more power in mind; while it is intended primarily to be used as a facial steamer, it can also be used as an interior humidifier, providing moisture to dry climates. The Nano’s technology boasts the ability to produce hot steam in mere seconds, and steams for 8-10 minutes at a time. This unit comes in a higher price range (approximately $50), but is considered more powerful for its purpose. Secura’s product comes with a single attachment, but delivers steam strong and wide enough to cover the entire face without a guided attachment.

The vast majority of users expressed extreme satisfaction with this product. Most were especially pleased by the power and warmth of steam—the device is able to produce a steady, thick stream of steam for a full 10 minutes, while most of its competitors last for only 5. Although the unit has a plastic smell for the first 2-3 uses, this smell dissipates after this and does not return. Users found this an effective method of both cleaning pores and providing relief from sinus troubles.

While the number of disappointed users is quite low, the complaints from these users is practically uniform. Some units possess defective water reservoirs, resulting in a broken machine within 1-2 months. Apart from these defective machines, however, customers were pleased.

Which Is Best?

Each steamer has different things to offer; Revlon’s steamer functions as a base model, Conair’s comes with additional beauty products, and Secura’s is designed with greater power in mind. Before deciding upon a model, focus on these three questions:

  • How much power do I need?
  • What am I using this for?
  • How much time do I have to devote to a facial?

If power and longer periods of steaming are needed, the Secura will be the best model for you. If your needs are simple, or focus more on the nose, Revlon’s contribution may be ideal. If you are seeking a more robust beauty package, Conair’s steamer is likely to be the best route.

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