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Hair removal methods run the gamut in terms of ease, speed, duration, and pain level. They include wax, laser removal, razors, epilation, and tweezers. Epilation is a hair removal process that, essentially, plucks hair from the root. Unlike tweezing, however, epilating removes numerous hairs at once—tweezing removes a single hair at a time. Emjoi epilators are among the top in their field, and provide high-quality, at-home epilating power.

Why Emjoi?

Emjoi is a company devoted to delivering high-quality products geared toward improving the lives of customers. This improvement is largely appearance-focused, with special attention to beauty products and hair removal. The company focuses time and money in finding innovative solutions for beauty and skincare, allowing people to enjoy life without expensive and time-consuming treatments.

How Many Models Does Emjoi Offer?

Emjoi has over 15 epilator models, of varying shapes, sizes, and colors—some of them specifically designed for men. Some are designed to function solely as epilators, while others are designed to serve multiple purposes. Three of Emjoi’s models are discussed and reviewed in greater detail below.

Emjoi AP-18

The AP-18 is a 72-head epilator, with staggered heads to grip and remove hairs growing in different directions. The unit also lifts hairs to ensure that as many individuals hairs as possible are lifted and gripped for smooth, hairless skin. This particular device comes with silver ion technology, a technology used to provide an antimicrobial treatment, removing the likelihood of infection. This, coupled with the lifting and dual-head technologies, makes the AP-18 a great epilator for men and women with sensitive skin. At around $60, Emjoi’s AP-18 is also a wonderful introductory epilator for men and women on a strict budget.

A significant number of AP-18 customers were pleased with their purchase. The most common reason given for satisfaction was the device’s many tweezing heads. Because there are 72 heads, epilation takes less time than it has in the past. This, combined with the model’s two speeds, cut down many customers’ hair removal time, garnering positive reviews and feedback. Many users came to Emjoi’s epilator models after trying out other competitor brands, and were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the units themselves, as well as the experience they offer. Finally, many users were pleased to discover a decrease in pain when using the AP-18, creating epilator fans among previously wary clients.

Of the disgruntled customers, the most common complaint was in regard to the smoothness of skin after use. Although many users felt the unit working well enough, some felt the unit did not remove all hairs (most commonly hair on the lower leg), and preferred to all-over coverage of waxing and shaving. While some customers initially had trouble with the device, many of these dissatisfied customers were able to improve their technique over time to maximize removal and minimize pain.

Emjoi Epi Slim

This particular Emjoi model is slender in design, as the name suggests, and is a battery-operated offering. Due to its small size, the Epi Slim is intended for use in more sensitive areas, such as the bikini area, the face, and underarms. Nine tweezing heads may be found on the Epi Slim, making it perfect for small areas (and not as effective for larger areas). Although it is not recommended for use on large areas, many customers find the unit is helpful for small touch-ups on large areas, such as the arms and legs. This unit is typically used for travel, versus Emjoi’s larger epilators, as it is extremely compact and easy to pack in even a small space such as a purse. The Epi Slim takes only two AA batteries, and is an easy and convenient model for anyone seeking hair removal in sensitive areas.

Epi Slim customers were primarily pleased with this unit—particularly women struggling with unwanted facial hair. Most of these women found the unit the perfect size for hair removal on the face, with enough maneuverability to capture hair in the highs and lows of the typical facial structure. Aside from this, many users were impressed by the Epi Slim’s ability to remove even fine, weak hair as is often found on the forehead, upper thighs, and upper lip. Although users did experience some pain, most found the application of witch hazel prior to use and a light lotion (such as coconut oil) after use greatly reduced the amount of pain suffered.

While most users like the Epi Slim, some experienced difficulty with the unit. The most oft-reported source of difficulty came from reactions to the unit. Some customers found that use caused breakouts and skin irritation—moreso than with other Emjoi models. While the cause of this is unknown, most of these customers were able to return their units for a refund or exchange, and were pleased with the company’s customer service.

Emjoi Seal

The Seal is the most versatile of the units and, correspondingly, requires the greatest financial investment. While the two models above are $60 and $30, respectively, the Seal runs from $100-$130. The Seal runs more because it offers several uses; rather than simply epilating, the Seal is also equipped to function as a callus remover, and may be used both wet and dry. Emjoi’s Seal is great for men and women whose beauty routines are typically completed in the shower, and for men and women seeking the simplicity of a single unit for multiple purposes. This particular unit is also unique, as its tweezers are the most powerful in the field, capable of removing hair as short as .3 mm with 42 tweezing heads.

Customers are largely pleased with the Seal, with over 80% of customer reviews giving the item high praise. This is due both to the strength of the callus remover, and to the efficacy of the epilator itself. Most users saw delightful results in their feet with consistent use, boasting youthful, smooth soles within a single use. Most users were also pleased to note that their skin reacted well to the epilator portion, experiencing minimal pain and long-lasting hair growth reduction.

Although majority of users were pleased, some had units break after only 3 months of use. While this might be expected of a lower-quality product, both the company and the price frustrated these users, as a $100 Emjoi product replacement every three months is prohibitive for many previously-pleased users.

Best Emjoi Epilator: Which Is It?

Emjoi offers a wide selection of epilators—some single-purpose, some large, and others dual-purpose and small. The “best” epilator will depend largely upon the customer’s needs. For instance, the Epi Slim is best for men and women looking for an epilator solely for small areas such as the face or bikini line. Conversely, the AP-18 is best for men and women seeking an epilator for larger coverage, including the legs, arms, or back. Finally, the Seal is best for individuals in need of:

  • Speed
  • Efficacy
  • Multiple Uses
  • Wet/Dry Application

Although it may be difficult to decide where to purchase Emjoi epilators, the Emjoi website offers many different options (at a slightly higher price), and Amazon offers the best discount. The Epi Slim is the least expensive of the lot (at $30), the AP-18 comes in second (at $60), and the Seal comes in third (at $100). Whatever your epilator needs, the Emjoi has a model to suit your needs.

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