The Topical Doctor For Your Painful Woes

There are endless applications for numbing cream, from soothing a particularly unpleasant bump, to preparing a site for the application of a needle. Most often, numbing agents are applied via injection—a process that can prove painful in and of itself. Enter: the Doctor. Using Dr. Numb eliminates the need for a potentially painful injection, providing a thorough numbing sensation from topical application able to be used by complete novices and advanced users alike. Comprised of 5% Lidocaine, this cream is a high-quality, high-results product.

What Is This Product?

Dr. Numb is an over the counter numbing cream, designed for home use. The cream is FDA approved, and contains a solution of 5% lidocaine. This particular numbing cream is set apart from its competitors through its ability to be used on unbroken skin; although some numbing creams are available for use on sores and other wounds, these creams are neither safe for nor intended for use on unbroken, untorn skin. Conversely, D. Numb is able to be used on broken and unbroken skin alike, and is therefore an excellent solution for use on facial treatments on other painful procedures, that do not involve puncturing or wounding skin.

What Can the Doctor Be Used For?

This numbing cream can be used for a litany of problems, ranging from the small (a bee sting), to the large (a large tattoo or area to be waxed). The formula is an excellent one to have on hand, as it is versatile and provides relief from or the prevention of pain upon contact with the epidermis. Although its uses are virtually endless, some of the more common uses are identified below.

  • Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a potentially painful process. Although most spas provide some amount of pain relief before beginning treatment, at-home microdermabrasion machines are rarely as accommodating. Although the pain associated with these procedures is typically not extreme, the amount of discomfort involved is enough to deter some men and women from using at-home microdermabrasion. Fortunately, Dr. Numb can be used for this procedure, allowing customers to use at-home machines and, in the process, save on expensive spa treatments.

To use with microdermabrasion, apply the cream to the treatment areas for 60-90 minutes before the treatment is engaged. Place saran wrap over the area to warm skin and heighten numbing cream, then remove just before using the microdermabrasion machine.

  • Tattoos

The formula is an excellent tattoo numbing cream, as it may be used both before and after the procedure. Tattooing can prove quite painful, particularly in large areas and extended applications. Rubbing the product into the area to be tattooed after skin has been cleaned and shaved. The numbing cream can ease the pain of the healing tattoo without disturbing the ink or preventing the tattoo from healing properly—a task that many similar creams are unable to accomplish.

  • Waxing and Hair Removal

Dr. Numb, similarly, may be used for waxing and hair removal. It is a great numbing cream for waxing. When using the cream for this purpose, it is important to begin with clean, dry skin. From there, the cream should be applied—a thick, heavy layer. Again, the area should be covered in saran wrap to increase the effectiveness of the numbing cream, and only removed just before waxing or other hair removal (such as laser) begins.

  • Piercings

The cream is also an excellent method of numbing skin just before a piercing occurs. Typically, no numbing agent is used in piercing, to avoid the possibility of infection or trapping unsavory items within a fresh wound. This product, fortunately, is a safe means of numbing before piercing, and provides some relief in an otherwise painful procedure. As with all other types of application, the cream should be applied only to clean, dry skin, with at least 60 minutes to allow it to work properly.

Are There Any Associated Dangers?

As with any topical application cream, there does run some risk of an adverse reaction. Before applying the cream liberally to the area in need of numbing, first place the product on a small portion of the wrist or ankle, waiting 24 hours to see if irritation develops. If no redness or rash is detected, the product is likely safe for your body chemistry, and may be applied in full.

Review of Dr. Numb

Customers are primarily pleased with the product, citing it as a miracle worker for tattooing and hair removal. Although it was not listed as a common product for microdermabrasion, most users did experience numbness as expected, which typically lasted for 1-2 hours before beginning to wear off. Most cautioned new users to follow the directions to a T, as failing to apply 60-90 minutes before or wrap the area will result in a less effective product.

Customers who were less than pleased with the product typically saw some numbing, but only experienced full numbness for 5-20 minutes. These users claim to have used the product exactly as stated on the instructions, but were somehow unable to glean the full results.

Important to Note

Some users have had adverse reactions to the cream when used in large quantities over large areas. Because lidocaine is a numbing agent with medicinal properties, it is possible to “overdose”, potentially resulting in erratic heartbeat or illness. When applying the product, it is best to go slow to prevent any poor reactions. If, at any point, you begin to feel dizzy, feel yourself perspiring more than is normal, or in any way feel “off,” it is important to contact your health provider immediately to determine the best course of action.


Dr. Numb has acted as a lifesaver, of sorts, for many men and women preparing to engage in a potentially painful procedure such as tattooing or piercing. Although a small handful of customers did not experience the full numbing sensation, most were thrilled with their experience, and swear by the product, even keeping a tube of it on hand for spur-of-the-moment tattooing or hair removal sessions. If nerves or low pain tolerance are preventing you from engaging in any of the behaviors covered above, this is likely the product for you.

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