Guide to Derma Rolling & Purchasing the Right Roller

The Trouble with Getting Older

While getting older comes with many perks, it is also accompanied by some nuisances. The joy of reaching puberty is frequently shadowed by an outbreak of acne and blackheads, and the joy and freedom of reaching middle age may be darkened by the onset of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Numerous products have been developed to reduce the trauma of such outbreaks; Proactiv commercials dominate cable channels, and online sidebars are cluttered with remedies to relieve signs of aging, including wrinkles, cellulite, sagging skin, and scarring. One such remedy, performed either at home or by a skincare professional, is the derma roller (or microneedle roller).

A What?

A Derma Roller is a device used to stimulate collagen production, resulting in clearer, younger-looking skin. Derma rollers are small, handheld instruments, with a series of small needles placed around the roller’s edge. Users roll the needles over the face, stomach, thighs, or other areas in need of treatment for approximately ten minutes, taking care to roll over the same area 8-10 times.

Users should note that rolling (or micro needling) should be done at night, or during a period of isolation, as micro needles may encourage puffiness, redness, and some bleeding. After these symptoms subside, however, many users find an increase in circulation and marked improvement in the overall texture and appearance of skin.

Derma Rolling in Removing Acne Scars

The most common use for micro needle rollers is to remove scarring brought on by cystic acne. Many men and women suffer from chronic redness and a “crater-like” texture following bouts with cystic acne, and search everywhere for relief. Microneedle rollers are used to offer some relief from symptoms including redness, constant puffiness, and bumpy or irregular skin textures. This is done by stimulating collagen production, clearing skin discoloration and allowing crags in skin to be filled in.

As with any cosmetic procedure, drastic results take time to achieve; however, many users report a visible difference in skin in as little as five days. Those seeking the removal of acne scarring typically report improved skin tone and absence of redness, as well as the softening and smoothing of skin overall. For men and women suffering from deep pock marks, even a slight improvement in texture is desirable, and a micro needle roller may offer such results.



Micro Needle Rollers and Stretch Marks

While acne scars are a fairly common problem for both men and women, arguably every woman in the world (and a significant portion of men) has at least one cluster of stretch marks, whether they are a product of widening hips brought on by puberty or developed during pregnancy. As anyone who has stretch marks can attest, their presence can be devastating. Whether hidden beneath clothing or out in the open on lower thighs, stretch marks may adversely impact one’s self esteem. Fortunately, microneedle rollers are also used to treat this annoying skin condition.

For those interested in using microneedling as a stretch mark treatment, a few things should first be considered. Most microneedle users report the lightening and shrinking of stretch marks, but do not report the loss of scars altogether. For many—particularly individuals with light skin—however, the simple act of lightening these marks is a blessing in and of itself. Unlike acne scars and fine lines, stretch marks take time to develop and require a similarly extended period to treat. While they may not disappear entirely, derma rollers will help lessen the appearance and improve texture.


Derma Rolling For Hair Loss

While many women are prone to worrying over facial scarring and lines, many men are worrying over their own appearance—particularly in the area of hair loss. Using the same principles applied to healing skin with a derma roller, many studies suggest microneedle rollers effectively encourage hair regrowth. Users should take care, however, to use a roller in conjunction with a topical hair growth treatment for maximum effectiveness. Because microneedle rolling stimulates collagen production and the rejuvenation of skin, rolling without a topical application may be successful; however, rolling with a topical application of hair regrowth serums allows the serum to penetrate deeper and may result in a more effective hair loss treatment.


Scientia Derma Roller

The Scientia Derma Roller is a UK-made roller with a myriad of design options. Like most derma rollers, the Scientia roller is good for the following maladies:

  • Acne scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Hair loss
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Cellulite
  • Hyper-pigmentation

Users report accelerated treatment rates in comparison to other products. Many Scientia customers reported seeing visible results in a single treatment, while others reported a change in as little as two to three treatments. Visible changes occurred in all aspects of micro needle treatment, including acne scars and cellulite. The most commonly used Scientia model possesses 192 1-milimeter needles, and may be used safely as many as five times per week. While the product site suggests the device may be used independently, it also encouraged customers to utilize their own face creams and topical treatments in conjunction with the roller for optimal improvement.

Some users report damage caused by excessive force when using the roller. Bleeding and swelling went down within hours, however, and did not produce any lasting side effects. Most difficulties experienced with the rollers were due to user error rather than product inefficiency or flaw. This, paired with the accelerated success time, renders the Scientia micro needle roller a high quality product for all derma roller users.

The Verdict

Derma rollers are not new to the beauty industry, but have recently experienced a surge in popularity due to the increasing affordability of at-home treatments and features on television shows such as Rachael Ray. Microneedle rollers are not for everyone; those prone to bleeding or with low pain tolerance levels may not be able to handle the continual stinging sensation caused by using a derma roller.

For anyone able to handle some pain, however, the derma roller may prove an effective tool; the majority of users find a marked difference in both the texture and appearance of skin, particularly in regard to hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, and stretch marks. Continual use combined with the topical application of anti-aging serums will send users on their way to youthful, vibrant skin.

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