Review and Guide to Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Devices

The Ugly Truth

 They say beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone. I disagree; it goes in your pores. Our faces are always exposed and environmental dirt, oil, make-up residue and sweat can build up on your skin without you even realizing it until you wake up one morning with a monstrous zit (or ten) on your chin or forehead. Regular cleansing with your hands or a washcloth are often inadequate to really clear the gunk out of your pores. Clarisonic to the rescue!

You used to have to go to a salon or spa to get a deep facial cleansing, but not anymore. Clarisonic brings the fresh-faced, facial look, straight to your door. Their devices are much more effective at cleaning your skin and more importantly, they prep your skin so that the products you use on it are more effective. I am going to give you the low-down on their products and features to help you get started shopping for yours.

Mama MIA

 miaLet’s start with the MIA. Like all Clarisonic cleansing devices it employees oscillating sonic frequency to gently attack dirt and debris lurking in your pores. There’s no teeth rattling vibrations or irritating spinning. It comes with two speeds, delicate and universal, is small, light, and safe to use everyday.

It will really help you get rid of black heads, clear up acne and reduce the size of your pores. The only negative about the MIA that I have heard, but not personally experienced, is that it is not as durable as one would hope, and it has a reputation for crapping out after a year or two.

MIA 2 Please

 The next gen Clarisonic device is the MIA 2. This one is loaded with great features like a travel case, comes with three interchangeable brush heads and three speeds to suit your every skin need. There is the delicate cycle, universal and a third, heavy duty cleaning speed for those problem areas. Like the MIA, MIA 2 has a timer and easy to follow instructions on how long to apply it to each area of the face. It has a very long battery life and gets nothing but rave reviews from most skin care professionals. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out this video to see the MIA 2 up close and hear what one very satisfied customer is saying about this fantastic device:

Aria Ready For This?

Clarisonic was not content to rest on its laurels and created the ARIA. This is a pricier model, but everybody I asked had nothing but good things to say about it. The common themes I kept hearing about ARIA were:

  • more powerful third speed
  • made an immediate difference in the look and feel of my skin after just ONE use
  • the charging stand is convenient and this baby stays fired up for two weeks before it needs to be recharged

I have to agree that the ARIA is well worth the extra dough when it comes to problem skin. It can quickly eliminate even the most ferocious blackheads, the kind you can never get rid of with simple hand or washcloth cleansing. Like it’s predecessors, it’s waterproof (use it in the shower) has a timer which makes using it a no-brainer, and comes with three easily interchangeable brush heads.

Plus Size

 Now to tell you about my all time favorite Clarisonic cleansing device, the PLUS! I have to warn you, it packs a wallop and not just to your wallet! You may cringe at the price tag, but once you find out what the PLUS can do for you, it will seem worth every penny.

I’m an endurance athlete, which means I spend a lot of time in the sun, with a sweaty face, coated in heavy sunscreen and salty sweat. This hobby used to wreak havoc on my skin, which is why I began demo-ing the Clarisonic devices (and some lame competitors that shall remain nameless) in the first place. When I found the PLUS, I found my beautiful skin back from head to toe! Yes, that’s right; the PLUS comes with a specially designed brush to use on your body! This super cleaner comes with all the features of the other Clarisonic devices (interchangeable brush heads for your face, charging cradle, three speeds) but also with a powerful cleansing cycle that sets automatically when the body brush is attached.

I suffered from terrible back acne because I spend a lot of time in sweaty training clothes and occasionally the awful acne would migrate to my chest and chin. After two uses the acne disappeared forever and the ravages of endurance sports on my skin have been negated.

Clarisonic Plus

Fair Is Fair

So obviously I have my favorite Clarisonic cleansing device and use it for a very specific reason. You can honestly expect great results with all these devices though, and their wide spread use is a testament to their effectiveness. If acne plagues you, you may find it interesting to know that many testimonials from users who suffer from acne found that the device helped clear up their skin.

I have read several reviews where users claim they don’t see enough of a difference between the universal setting on the MIA and the third speed on the MIA 2 and ARIA to justify the bigger price tag.  If you don’t travel a lot, or have any big skin issues, then the MIA is probably fine for you.

The biggest question I had after I bought my Clarisonic Plus is what is the best cleanser to use with it? Well, Clarisonic has an entire skincare line designed to work beautifully with their devices. It turns out, though; you can really just use your favorite cleanser.

Cetaphil is available at any supermarket or drugstore and has consistently been touted as the number one dermatologist recommended cleanser on the market. Personally, I use the Clinique line and happily discovered that they made me even more radiant after I started prepping my skin with the Clarisonic devices first. The deep cleansing from the specially rounded tips on each bristle of the brushes not only removed impurities, but also exfoliated the dead skin off my face, allowing my products to be more fully absorbed.

I would encourage you to do some research on your own before committing your dollars or face to any of the Clarisonic cleansing devices. I can say that I have experienced nothing but good customer service from Clarisonic (they replaced a defective brush head, no questions asked) and that’s backed up by reviews I’ve found on Amazon and Consumer reports.

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