What You Should Know Before Using The PMD Personal Microderm

the pmd

There are many reasons why people choose to use the Personal Microderm for home microdermabrasion. For many, it is because they want to get rid of blemishes like light scars and uneven skin pigmentation. For some it could be to obtain younger and more radiant looking skin. Yet others use it to complement other skin treatment regimes (it has been proven that skin care products and serums are up to 20 times more effectively absorbed when used in after microdermabrasion).

No matter what is your objective for wanting to use the Personal Microderm, it is important to remember that this is a very powerful microdermabrasion device, and that everyone has a different skin type: some are sensitive and delicate while others are coarse and tough. So, it is very important to test your skin before microdermabrasion to see how it will react to microdermabrasion treatment

The Personal-Microderm is excellent for people who are new to microdermabrasion, as it allows users to gradually step up the intensity of their microdermabrasion treatment according to their skin type and comfort levels. Before we go into how you can do that, let’s take a quick look at how to set up the microderm.


Setting Up The Personal-Microderm

This device is easy to set up. The first thing you should decide on is whether you want to use it on your body or your face. The device comes with two applicators (where the discs sits on), the smaller one is for the face while the larger one is for the body. Similarly, there are two sets of discs: the larger ones for body use and the smaller ones for face use. 

Let’s say that you want to use PMD on your face. Simply fix the smaller applicator on the device and put on one of the smaller discs (we will talk more about the different colors of the disc and what they mean later). Next, you have to put the plastic cover on (there is an ‘O ring’ for you to put the plastic cover on, make sure the cover is screwed tightly around the ‘O ring’). Make sure the disc sits slightly below the plastic cover to allow for maximum suction.

Lastly, you connect the power supply and you are ready to go. You do not have to worry about changing batteries on the microderm as it does not operate on batteries. Instead it comes with a power cord that is meant to be hooked up to a 100 volt AC power outlet.


How To Correctly Use the PMD

pmd white discsEveryone should start with the white training disc which is less abrasive. Practice using it on the skin on your forearms, before moving to the skin on the neck area just beneath the ear. Once you are familiar and comfortable with using the device, you can proceed to use it on your face.

The correct way to use this is as such: hold the area of skin you are intending to treat taut with your free hand and make one pass in an upward motion. Never do more than 2 passes per area in a session.

DO NOT let the device hover on one spot on your skin or you may risk damaging it. Always keep the device in motion.

Once you are feel you have had enough practice and are comfortable using the white disc, you may move on to the blue disc for sensitive skin. If you feel you are getting good results on the blue disc, stick with it. If you feel your skin needs a little more abrasion, then move on to the green disc, which is coarser. Finally, there is a red disc that provides maximum abrasiveness. So, the way the microderm is designed is to provide progressive and cumulative microdermabrasion that can be adapted to your skin condition.

Remember that you can use the PMD not only on your face but also on your body. To use it on your body, simply use the larger applicator and the larger set of discs (for each color there is one for the face and one for the body).

Other Important Tips You Should Take Note Of Before Using The PMD

  • Make sure you watch the instructional DVD to learn the correct way to use the device. The video is also available online
  • Start with the white training disc to learn how to properly use the device, and to judge how your skin reacts to microdermabrasion. Once you are comfortable, advance to the blue disc or the green disc if you feel the green one will not be too aggressive on your skin
  • Use the small cap and small discs for the face and other tight spots on the body. Use the large cap and large discs for other spots on the body. Always hold your skin tight, use upward motion and never hover on one spot
  • Do not press the device down hard. Once you feel the suction on your skin, keep the device moving in smooth motions
  • Do not treat the areas above your cheek bones near the eyes. They are very sensitive
  • Leave 6 to 7 days between treatments
  • Always make sure the black filter is on the applicator before using the device. After treatment, wash both the filter and the plastic cap with antibacterial soap before using it the next time
  • Wear sunscreen after treatment
  • If you are under the care of dermatologists or under prescription topicals, do not start any treatment until you have consulted with your physician
  • Use a neutralizing toner and moisturizer after your treatment


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